Kilauea flows

Some Historic Kilauea flows

Carbon-14 dating is a HOT BUTTON for many young earth creationists, but, many will state that Carbon-14 dating works back to about 3500 BP. The USGS has taken a number of Carbon-14 samples of burnt vegetation under various flows in this area and has gotten values such as 2,190 +-70, 2,340 +-70, 2,770 +-150, 8,550 +-100, and 8740 +-100. (values from http:// imap/i2759/ i2759map.pdf) It would thus seem that many young earth creationists would have to concede that at a minimum the lava flows on the eastern part of the island of Hawaii would date to at least 2,770 BP. This considerably shortens the allowed time for the creation of the rest of the island of Hawaii and the entire Hawaiian Archipelago. And if they agree with the ICR publication "CATASTROPHIC PLATE TECTONICS: A GLOBAL FLOOD MODEL OF EARTH HISTORY", research/as/ platetectonics.html, which says:
"When virtually all the pre-Flood oceanic floor had been replaced with new, less-dense, less-subductable, oceanic crust, catastrophic plate motion stopped. Subsequent cooling increased the density of the new ocean floor, producing deeper ocean basins and a reservoir for post-Flood oceans."
Then the time allowed is further shortened in that the entire volcanic chain except for the most eastern part of the Island of Hawaii must have been created from some time post-flood until about 2,770 BP or in less than 1,582 years if they believe in the Ussher chronology!!

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