NEW Perspectives affirming the Biblical Genesis Record,
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The Biblical FLOOD, due to a comet shower? Biblical DAYS of GENESIS, the creation phases! HEAVENS, as brought forth by the Creator! after their kind, species genetic variations in Our image, only man has the capability to have dominion! Adam named the Eagle and the Lion Surely Die, Biblical Adam and Eve would not suddenly die due to disobedience! the CURSE, due to a severe climate change? FARMING, Biblical Adam and offspring as farmers RAIN, plants and mankind as the Creator brought them forth! ARARAT, Uratu, cradle of civilization! ALL is how big when concerning the Biblical flood? Biblical CHRONOLOGY, not a complete continuous record for dating purposes! BABEL, confusion of the languages from one language! Biblical SODOM and GOMORAH found! DRAGONS, wild creatures of the creation including dinosaurs! The NATIONS, descendants of Biblical Noah! Evidences for Biblical Accuracy! Happy and blessed EASTER! The Long Day of Joshua 10

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VOLCANOES, evidences for an old age earth! Lake Varve Chronologies! Atmospheric Argon Where are the missing Isotopes?


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